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LilGadgets review by Laura

Posted on Wed May 3rd 2017

These trendy Lil Gadgets headphones are a great way to get your kids listening to good-quality sounding music. Portable, safe and easy to use is the best way to describe these headphones. 

I personally love the high quality sound they produce (which is surprisingly impressive, considering their affordability and small size) and I would highly recommend these headphones to anyone with children aged 4 plus.

Another feature of these headphones I like is that they’re volume limited at 93db, which provides a little piece of mind for those extended sessions on the iPad. 

As for portability, whether you’re on the go, relaxing at home, or travelling, you can simply give your child the choice of either unplugging the cord for a wireless Bluetooth experience, or keep the cord attached so your child doesn’t lose their device! They also have a SharePort feature which allows you to connect multiple headphones to one device, a lifesaver for those long car trips.

Kids love colours, and these headphones have plenty of choices, I have a younger brother, and being the fussy little 6-year-old he is, I know he would not settle for anything less than his favourite colour, green.

If a child drops them, or accidentally bends them slightly - the Lil Gadgets headphones are quite durable which should provide a little extra milage for the headphones' life.

Overall, I personally love the Lil Gadgets headphones for little ones. Trendy, perfect for travelling, and ‘kid-proof’.