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Mophie SpaceStation and Space App

Posted on Thu July 23rd 2015

Mophie SpaceStation

3x Extra Battery*

Quick charge virtually any USB device with an output of up to 2.4A, or charge & sync your devices through the spacestation when connected to a computer.   *Extra battery is based on comparison to the iPhone 5 internal battery capacity.  

Store and Manage any File Type

Up to 128GB of additional storage allows you to stop deleting and start saving all your favorite files. Download the Space app to manage and access everything with ease.

Back-up and transfer to your computer

Manage, organize and search what is stored on your spacestation from a central location. Connect to a computer to store, organize, and open files on spacestation like a convenient external drive. 

Buy Mophie SpaceStation 32GB or Mophie Spacestation 64GB

Mophie Space App

The Space app automatically organizes all of the files on your device into collections, making your media easy to manage, simple to find, and great to experience. Store photos and videos, play music and create playlists, and manage and share documents all in one place. Access anything from your phone, tablet, Mac, or PC.

• Store any file to your phone or tablet’s internal storage.
• Use the WiFi Space Portal to access, back up, and transfer files with your Mac or PC wirelessly.
• Automatically organize all your files into Smart Collections or create your own custom collection with the Favorites Collection.
• Create playlists and play music stored in the iOS Music App and in Space.
• View images and videos stored internally or on Space hardware from a central location.
• Share any file stored in Space with anyone at any time.

Space enables you to store any file on your iPhone’s or iPad’s internal storage, so you can access and share your files whenever and wherever. No hardware required.

When your iPhone and iPad simply can’t store it all, connect a mophie space pack or spacestation and increase the amount of files and media you can carry by up to 128GB. Use the mophie Space app to access and share all your files from one place.

Download Mophie Space App for iOS from iTunes