Apple Reseller, Apple Service Provider, Auckland

Our Commitment to Excellence

Ubertec is committed to providing premium service and technical excellence.

Our People

We act ethically and with integrity toward customers, co-workers, service provider and Apple. We acknowledge our diversity, talents and interests.

Our Customer

We always put our customers first and provide a warm welcome to all. We empathetically engage our customers while solving their challenges. We seek to develop relationships with our customers by inviting them to return to our store. We strive to inspire and excite our customers with every visit so that our store is a happy place to shop, to learn, to create, to get help and to revisit.

Our Daily Commitment

We respect our customers' time and deliver all repair transactions in a timely, personalised and efficient manner. We always make certain our customers know what to expect. We treat our customers with a sense of empathy, professionalism and urgency. We value every customer problem as an opportunity to excel. We listen and respond immediately to all feedback, taking initiative to make it right. We exceed customers' expectations by offering proper diagnosis, reliable repairs and fast turnaround. We maintain a neat, clean and organised store according to Apple's standards. We are up to date on Apple technology and conduct repairs using certified technicians. We earn trust by recommending relevant solutions that meet our customers' needs and goals. We welcome all customers with a smile, a helping hand and personal attention. We encourage open dialogue with our people an dcustomesr to share ideas about improving our stores, our processes and performances. We embrace and seek favourably of our coworkers, resellers, service providers, third-party partners and Apple.

Visit Ubertec to receive hardware service, software support, and professional advice for the following Apple devices:

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