Was 13" Recycled Billboard Bag normally $179

$149.00 inc. GST

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One of a kind bags made in New Zealand from recycled billboards

WAS Bags are made from recycled billboards that would ordinarily be destined for the dump. Each bag is hand crafted in New Zealand and are 100% unique.

The vinyl used in billboard construction is developed to withstand the toughest of outdoor conditions making it a durable and hard wearing material.

WAS laptop, satchel, tote and baby bags make great unique, eco friendly and sustainable designer gifts.

So you too can do what billboards were designed to do…stop traffic!

Reduce. Recycle. Reuse

Image displayed is an example for unique colours available now, check out www.was.co.nz

Warranty period: 12 months
Warranty terms: Return to base

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