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Billings Pro

$235.00 inc. GST

Product code: 31219
Ships within 1-2 days

Are you sure that billable time isn't slipping through the cracks?
Billable time keeps your company in business, and losing any of it means revenue down the drain (a few minutes each day adds up to thousands each year).

You'll track more time.
Time is your most valuable asset, and tracking it is difficult. Billings Pro makes it easy for you and your employees – and you don't have worry about gathering it all together either thanks to automatic sync technology.

You'll look more professional.
With professional looking invoices, and features such as retainer history, account summaries, and an approval workflow, you'll communicate effectively and inspire confidence with your clients.

You'll make more money.
Even if you track an additional 3 minutes every day (per employee), you'll earn thousands more in extra revenue each year without doing anymore work. Billings Pro pays for itself in no time – and then some.

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