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Archiware P5 Archive is a long-term storage solution. This professional archiving software moves data offline to disk and tape. P5 can be setup within minutes, and works cross platform on Mac, Linux, Windows and Solaris. You can restore data on any platform since P5 stores it in a platform-neutral format.

Mac OS X 10.6 – 10.11 (Intel)


  • Server 2008-R2/2012R1/R2, Windows 7/8/8.1/10


  • Kernel 2.6.4+ (x86) 32bit or 64bit
    For FS-events with inotify, kernel 2.6.13+ required.


  • Solaris: Sparc Solaris 2.8+, x86 Solaris 2.10+
    Note: The language package Unicode UTF-8 is required.


  • 9.0 (32bit), 9.2 (64bit)

Offsite storage
P5 Archive lets you move or migrate data offline to disk and tape. You can monitor files, folders and the directory structure to archive files automatically. Fine-grained filtering can be applied to select or exclude files based on name, size, date etc. Data can be cloned to a second tape for offsite storage. Encryption options protect data against non-authorised access both during the transfer and on the media itself.

Incremental Archive
As a new feature data can now be archived in incremental mode. This way only new and changed files will be archived effectively minimising the growth of the Archive.

Check out new P5 Archive add-on P5 Archive App
making Archiving simpler than ever.

  • P5 Archive License
  • 1 Server Agent (Mac/Win/Linux/Solaris) in addition to the local server
  • 1 Tape Drive License

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