P5 Expansion License for 25 media changer slots or 200TB of cloud and/or disk space

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Add 25 additional media units - each unit adds an additional media changer slot or 8TB of disk storage

Full support for automatic media management for Tape Libraries, Virtual Tape Libraries and Disk Storage

Tech Specs

A P5 Media Management and Storage License (MMSL) can be employed twofold:

  1. It can be assigned to a slot of a physical changer device.
  2. It can be used to store up to 2 TB of data in a P5 volume in the file system on disk.

    Consequently, when multiple MMSLs are available, these can be assigned to any number of changers or used in any combination of assignment to slots and to volumes on disk. e.g., 16 units can be assigned to a tape library and 9 units can be used to store up to 18TB of data in P5 volumes in the file system on any number of disks.

What's in the box

25 media changer slots or 200TB TB disk space

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