Ubiquiti NanoBeam RF Shielding for NBE-M5-400 and NBE-M2-400

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RF Armor 2/5GHz 16" Ubiquiti Nanobridge Shield Kit (UNBK25)

Fits the following : Ubiquiti Nanobeam NBE-M5-400 and NBE-M2-400.

  • No nuts or lock washers, and a flange ring to insure a proper fit and to re-enforce the Radome cover does not get ripped off.
  • Reduce unwanted RF energy from the back, sides, top, and bottom outside the designed beam from reaching the antenna and radio keeping the radio focused on the intended signal.
  • Co locate several radios close together without self interference and a much lower noise floor!
  • Increased performance and throughput.
  • Made from marine grade aluminium.The kit will NOT increase the gain of the antenna, however it will lower the noise floor providing a much cleaner signal allowing for higher sustainable air rates.

Warranty period: 12 months
Warranty terms: Return to base

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