Kensington EVAP Wet Electronics Rescue Pouch

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Product code: 36709
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VAP is fast and effective and even tells you when the device is dry so you’re not without your phone longer than needed.
EVAP contains a unique drying agent that removes the moisture from sensitive electronics and prevents damage.  The EVAP pouch even tells you when it’s time to open the pouch!
No matter how careful you are with your Smartphone, sooner or later, there’s probably going to be an expensive accident. In fact, studies show that 2 of 3 people will get their Smartphone wet. For a fraction of the cost of a replacement Smartphone, and without the associated hassle, you can rescue a wet Smartphone with the EVAP Wet Electronic Rescue Pouch by Kensington.
No remedy is 100% effective, but EVAP gives you the best chance of rescuing your wet electronics.  Beware of adding additional moisture to your device by using rice or exposing batteries to high temperatures by placing on or in artificial heat sources.  EVAP is also great for devices subjected to environments of high humidity & moisture.

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