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ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass iPhone 7 4.7" Contour, Screen White

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Curved, edge-to-edge coverage, made up of 4 layers:
• Oli-resistant nano-coating
• Scratch-resistant tempered glass
• Premium screen protection layer
• Easy application adhesive

If It's Good Enough for Helicopters . . .
Figuring that if the film was strong enough to protect multi-million dollar helicopter blades, it was strong enough to protect personal audio device screens, Zagg InvisibleShield made its debut protecting the most popular audio device at the time: the Apple® iPod®. Word spread so quickly that Zagg couldn't keep up with the demand and enlisted the help of a local youth group to help cut and send InvisibleShields to thousands of people across the nation. Eventually demand grew so much that Zagg began selling InvisibleShield around the world, building strong, best-in-class distribution. In a few short years, Zagg grew from that unassuming backyard workshop to being an industry leader.

  • CURVED EDGES: Precisely curved edges fit your screen perfectly for premium edge-to-edge protection.
  • MADE TO THE HIGHEST QUALITY: High-quality tempered glass delivers maximum image clarity, an ultra-smooth feel and remarkable touch sensitivity.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: If your Glass Contour ever gets worn or damaged, ZAGG will replace it for the life of your device.
  • EASY APPLICATION: Smart EZ Apply tabs make applying your Glass Contour simple and accurate.
  • EDGE to EDGE Protection with HD Clarity

Warranty period: 12 months
Warranty terms: Return to base

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