3SIXT Flat Glass Screen Protector for iPhone XR/11

$30.00 inc. GST

Product code: 42449
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3SIXT Flat Glass series – Everyday protection, for any day use.Keep your phone screen safe and bright. No matter how many taps, presses, swerves or swipes you use in a day, high tension tempered glass keeps your screen optics clear and scratch free.

Warranty does NOT cover:Glass Screen Protectors breaking/cracking/smashing while in use. There is NO Lifetime Guarantee. Glass Screen Protectors are inherently delicate and are designed to ‘take the hit’ or break/crack/smash instead of your device’s screen.

  • Quality protection
  • Unimpeded touch sensitivity
  • Optical clarity
  • Anti-scratch/anti-smudge

Warranty period: 12 months
Warranty terms: Return to base

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