Common Questions

Do I need to back up my data or will you retain it?

Yes you are required to back up your data before bringing it in.

While taking all reasonable care in performing the diagnosis, repairs, upgrades, or data transfers; Übertec is not liable for any accidental loss or damage suffered as a result of the dissemination or loss of data.

We do have a options for data recovery  - please discuss these with the service desk.


How much will it cost?

Warranty repairs - have no charge upfront. However, if the fault found is accidental damage, software related, or there is no fault found there will be a $90 Mac or $50 iOS/other diagnostic fee excluding any repair costs you choose to go ahead with.

Out of warranty repairs - a $90 Mac or $50 iOS/other diagnostic fee applies to all out of warranty repairs.  After the item has been diagnosed, you will be advised on what the estimate for the repair is.


What is the diagnostic fee for?

The diagnostic fee is to pay for the technical time involved in the diagnosis of the fault/s. From there on, you will be quoted to repair. 


How long will the job take?

All jobs are different, therefore the turnaround time really depends on the fault and warranty status. iOS devices take around 5-7 working days.

iPhone batteries and displays take approximately 3-4 hours; please call ahead to book in, or use the Apple reservation service

Mac warranty repairs are about 4-5 working days.


Why isn’t drop damage covered by warranty?

Only manufacturing faults are covered under warranty, accidental damage can be quoted. 

We can provide an insurance assessment for $90.


Why do computers go vintage after 5 years?

Technology moves so fast that parts are no longer manufactured for older devices.


Can I make a booking for my machine to be looked at?

Hardware Service - We will do our very best to look at it as soon as possible. It will get on the bench with our triage team within the hour, from there we run tests to diagnose the fault/s.  If you require an expedited service to jump the queue, the charge is $100.

Software Support - You can book software and configuration work with our onsite team at any time which suits you, this can be done at your location, or here at Ubertec.


Can you loan me a phone?

Yes we can, this is only available for phones under warranty and conditions apply.  Please ask our service desk staff when booking in.


Can I rent a Mac off you?

We can rent you a computer depending availability. Please enquire for pricing.


What does a remanufactured iPhone mean?

Remanufactured iPhones are purpose built devices that are specially designed to replace a device that has been impacted by manufacturing defect, or has been damaged. Apple wishes to provide you with the best experience possible which is why they put these devices through extended testing. These devices do use parts that have been recycled from other devices; though anything in it that is consumable or that you can see/feel/touch is all 100% brand new, just some of the internal circuitry may have been recycled from a previous device.


How can I give good feedback on my service here at Ubertec?


I’m going overseas. Is it okay to leave it here for 3 weeks after being repaired?

Yes, that would be OK. Please inform us of this on booking in so we do not contact you during this time about collecting the item.


How can I get rid of this old Mac? Can you recycle it? 

You can leave it with us to recycle; you will just need to authorise this by emailing us, or filling in the form at our service counter.


Do I need to drop off/pick up this repair in person? Can you courier it both ways? Will it cost me?

We can certainly organise couriers, there would be a charge as it is not covered under warranty - please enquire for charges

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