Ubertec Managed Services

Ubertec can be your IT desk, we look after administration, documentation, maintenance, back ups, onsite and remote troubleshooting, networking, upgrades and personalised support.

We offer tailored packages around your requirements, overall lower rates. Monthly billing and a service report to keep it easy.

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At Ubertec our Solution Specialists can help to get you hardware, software, peripherals, cloud services and plenty of accessories

The team are ready to find you solutions, make quotes, process orders and generally sort out what you need to get your business working

We supply with 20th of the month terms, when talking to a team member be sure to ask for an account application

Either call, email or web message us for all your requirements

Some of the product you might not find on the website, these are customised like Adobe licensing, Cloud back up, MDM Services, Dropbox, 365, 1Password and more

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