Ubiquiti U-POE-AF 48V Gigabit Passive PoE Injector with Support for 802.3af

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Ubiquiti's U-POE-af is a 48 V, 0.3 A Gigabit PoE injector which is compatible with a variety of Ubiquiti PoE devices. Features such as surge protection, clamping protection, maximum surge discharge and peak pulse current aid in protecting your PoE devices. It also offers protection against Electrostatic Discharge Damage (ESD), the leading cause for outdoor device failures.

Note. Even though the U-POE-AF can power 802.3af compliant devices, it is not compliant and the voltage is always on so there a possibility that it can damage non-PoE 48V devices.

Output voltage: 48 V DC (at) 0.3 A
LAN activity indicator: No
Gigabit LAN port: Yes
Remote reset capability: No
Reset button: No
Input voltage: 90-260 V AC (at) 47-63 Hz
Input current: 0.6 A (at) 120 V AC, 0.4 A (at) 240 V AC
Inrush current: <65 A peak (at) 120 V AC, <130 A peak (at) 230 V AC
Efficiency: 80+%
Output ripple: 1% max.
Switching frequency: 65 kHz
Line regulation: +/- 1%
Load regulation: +/- 3%
2-pair powering: Pins 4, 5 (+) and pins 7, 8 (-)
Operating temperature: 0°C to 40°C
Storage temperature: -30°C to 70°C
Operating humidity: 35 to 95% non-condensing
Data IN/POE: RJ45 shielded socket
Surge protection: Difference and common mode
Clamping protection: 11 V data, 60 V power
Max. surge discharge: 1500 A (8/20 µs) power
Peak pulse current: 36 A (10/1000 µs) data
Shunt capacitance: <5 pF data
Response time: <1 ns
Dimensions: 92 x 60 x 33 mm
Weight: 158.5 g

Warranty Period

Warranty period: 12 months
Warranty terms: Return to base

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